What is M2E Pro and how it is related to M2E Finance?

M2E Pro is an award winning solution allowing Magento based merchants to integrate their systems with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten marketplaces across the world.
M2E Finance is a company, which provides working capital to UK based businesses while M2E Pro serves as a marketing platform.

How would you compare interest rates offered by M2E Finance with those of their competitors?

At M2E, we do not make a living by charging a highest possible interest to our merchants in order to cover our operational expenses, marketing and liquidity costs. In fact, our marketing expenditure is ZERO. Also, we do not aim at funding every UK business possible. What we are trying to do is helping our merchants to become even more competitive.

My company has some spare cash in a bank and our bank is not giving us a good rate of return. Can I lend to M2E Finance?

Yes, as a business registered in the UK, you certainly can lend your money to M2E Finance. For that you would need to submit an application where you would specify expected rate of return and desired loan duration. We are flexible enough to make you a tailored to your needs offer.

How M2E Pro team can help driving my sales?

We have a number of services aimed at helping our merchants to get the most out of M2E Pro and increase listing to sale conversion rates.

I am interested to start using Magento and M2E Pro to manage my business, can you help me?

Yes,we can definitely help you with that. There is a number of options available:

A: You may do everything yourself. For that, please check out our video tutorials or try understandingE project, which is neither affiliated nor connected to M2E Group.

B: If you want a “Shopify” type of a solution (i.e. software as a service, hosted in a cloud) but still based on Magento platform, then you may want to consider Magento+M2E Pro bundle from Simple Servers.

C: If you have existing (live?) listings on eBay and you need them all imported into your Magento catalogue and then linked back to eBay via M2E Pro , -we can certainly help you with that. Send us an email Premium Support requesting more details.

D: If you wish M2E team to install and configure everything for you then please contact a member of our on boarding team by sending email to Premium Support or visit our premium services page for more information.

I am self- employed individual selling on eBay, Amazon or Rakuten. Can you help me with funding my stock?

At the moment we only lend to UK registered businesses, however , very soon, we will be able to help people like you too..

I am a business registered outside of the United Kingdom, can I still borrow working capital from M2E Finance?

At the moment we only offer financial products to United Kingdom registered companies.

I have recently started using M2E Pro to manage my multi-channel expansion and I do not have much of a trading history as yet. Can I still apply for a credit facility?

Please read about  "New Customers"

I am using neither Magento nor M2E Pro, can you still lend to me?

Please read about  "New Customers"

How do I get better interest rate with M2E finance?

This is simple:
  A) Borrowing and paying off loans on time builds your credit history with M2E finance
  B) use of M2E Pro to list your products helps us to customise our lending offer to your needs
  C) additionally, you may get M2E Pro to help optimising your listings which may result in increased sales which will boost your M2E Finance credit rating

How long does the loan application process takes at M2E Finance?

We aim to process your loan application within one business day.

What information sources M2E Finance will use during my creditworthiness assessment?

We use a number of publicly available sources, information from credit rating agencies, as well as your trading performance data.

How at M2E Finance do you estimate an amount my business could borrow?

This is where we are very different from any other working capital provider on the market. As you and M2E Pro have been already working together we will base our limits on a number of factors that are applicable to your business only.