Why M2E Finance

We define you as a “new customer” in two cases:

If you belong to any of above mentioned categories you can still register at m2epro.com and apply for a finance. If approved, your interest rate is likely to be higher if compared to that of other customers. This is due to us having less understanding of your business which results in bigger risk and provisions we need to make being higher. However, do not worry. Next time you borrow, your credit history with M2E Finance will be one of the factors which will reduce your next interest rate. You can keep improving your financial terms by borrowing and paying on time as well as by trading using M2E Pro.

Remember that M2E is not just another lending company. Information Technology and Innovation remains at the heart of our business. Better finance terms help our merchants to become even more competitive, meanwhile M2E reinvests profits into further platform development bringing our users more functionalities and services

In short: “Every penny you pay M2E Finance in interest will come back to your business in a form of improved, cutting edge multi-channel solution.” If you are not on Magento but seriously considering it, there is a number of options we can recommend:

With over 97,000 software downloads, M2E Finance is not just another lending company!
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